Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a research-proven and highly effective way to increase a leader’s performance.  It can be geared to an individual leader, a management team, or both. Dr. Townsend’s methods optimize resources for measurable results by first analyzing the organization from structural, strategic, cultural and relational standpoints, and then providing meaningful avenues for opportunities and solutions.

The strengths, potentials, training, experience and personal aspects of the clients are noted, focused and put into an approach which builds on abilities and increases leadership skills. Some of the benefits are:

  • Enhanced performance
  • Clarity and growth in specific skill sets
  • A means of being able to operate practically out of one’s core values and organizational values
  • Awareness of the leader’s impact on those around him or her, to maximize positive results
  • An increased ability to adapt to market and organizational changes and shifts in order to maximize the right outcomes





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