Dr. Townsend provides in-depth instruction and training experiential experiences in specific content areas which are tailored to the need and interest of the organization. These workshops are both concept-based and skill-based, so that attendees receive the understanding and practical applications of the subject. Workshops are structured to provide a high level of interactivity with the audience for maximum learning and interest.



Workshop topics are:

  • Leading Your Team in Values-Based Productivity
  • Learning the Skill of Adapting to Changing Environments and Markets
  • Developing Your People Personally and Professionally
  • Constructive Confrontation Techniques that Bring Positive Results
  • Using Structure and Accountability in Ways That Don’t Create Pushback, but Cooperation
  • Creating a Team Mentality and Vision


Workshops can vary in length and size of audience, depending on the need and agenda of the organization.


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