Dr. Richard Mullis

TLP Director
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RICHARD completed his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from BIOLA University, and a Th.M. in Spiritual Theology from Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He works in private practice in Orange County, California. He specializes in partnering with men & women, and couples & families, to identify & deconstruct their unproductive interactional cycles, and to strengthen intimate bonds of attachment & closeness in the service of re-constructing new, strategic, intimate, and productive cycles of interaction.

Richard also consults and coaches executives and ministers to develop the psycho-spiritual-emotional equipment needed to deal with relational, emotional, and spiritual issues; grief & bereavement; personality problems; sexual issues; trauma; substance abuse, addiction, recovery issues; depression and anxiety. In other words, he seeks to facilitate growth deeper still in “wisdom.”

He also works to help people strengthen their deep bonds of attachment; express intimate disclosures of the heart; take ownership of personal issues while inviting loved ones to do the same; heal wounds from the past to prevent them from contaminating present & future relationships & realities; and collaborate & communicate effectively with loved ones on the important matters of doing “life together.”

In short, Richard partners with people of all ages in their interpersonal & intrapersonal development and growth in “wisdom.”

Richard just completed four years as an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, and Psychology and Theology Integration, at Vanguard University. Before that, Richard was an Assistant Professor of psychology and theology integration at Biola University, where he had worked for roughly 20 years.

In addition to his work as a professor, therapist/counselor, Richard also is a group facilitator for Dr. John Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud’s Ultimate Leadership retreats. He also directs spiritually and psychologically oriented retreats, provides intensive weekend trainings for churches, corporations, and non profit organizations, and facilitates multi-hour intensive couples therapy as requested.

Richard resides in Long Beach, California.

Dr. Richard Mullis
TLP Director




Greenville, South Carolina
Sacramento, California
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