Liz Zeller

TLP Director & Coach
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Townsend Leadership Director
Biblical Counselor

Liz Zeller is a Biblical counselor with over 15 years of experience in ministry and counseling. Her wisdom and deep understanding of the healing nature of relationships are an integral part of her success as TLP director and counselor. She is passionate about partnering with individuals to overcome the hardships that hinder strong relationships, satisfaction, and enjoyment in life.

Liz has created a cutting edge growth program for her church, based on Dr. Townsends’ TLP program. Hundreds have participated in this hugely successful program to date. Liz walks clients through the process of creating new experiences to deal with difficulties and focuses on growth, including whole-person emotions, both body and spirit. By building a relationship founded on trust, and lending her depth of understanding, Liz works with clients to integrate John Townsend’s Biblical principle of grace and truth over time. Transformed relationships, personal, and professional growth, are the result.

Living out her belief in pursuing growth, Liz has participated in the Townsend Leadership Program for five years. She has also completed both the Ultimate Leadership (UL) Workshop and One Week Intensive (OWI) for Counselors in Newport Beach, California hosted by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

Liz received a Degree in Business Administration/Accounting from Phillips College, in New Orleans, LA. She has been employed at Harvest Church for the last 15 years as a Pastor and Director of Biblical Counseling, as well as the successful T-Group program.

Liz and her husband Lowell are the proud parents of a daughter, three sons, and five grandchildren.


“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Liz in several contexts: she has attended several Growth Skills’ conferences where I was a facilitator, she has attended several of the trainings I sponsor, and we have worked together where I have come in to lead trainings at her church.  In that time I have seen Liz grow in her ability to lead process groups and experientials.  She has both natural gifts of reading people and situations and has received extensive training to exercise her gifts.  She is a learner; she is often the first to sign up for one of my trainings and has a teachable spirit. I love doing events with Liz.  I have experienced first hand her high levels of competency in the areas of marketing and execution.  Her events are the best run, most organized of all of my church engagements.  From my experience of her, she runs on budget and executes strategically to implement the goals that are set.”  Dennis Del Valle, Senior TLP Director

“I have known Liz for many years and have had the pleasure of having her in my TLP group for three years. Liz is a self-starter who set her goals and achieved them. She, through her own learning and acquisition of skills, has implemented, in collaboration with her pastor and team at Harvest Church the wildly successful T-groups. Liz knows the competency and character model inside out. She has experienced it personally and teaches it regularly with precision and clarity. Liz, the biblical counseling and T-Group pastor at Harvest church, oversees the counseling and the T-groups at work.  In addition, Liz and has a prior history of successful banking experience that encompassed all five competencies.” – Bobbi Blain, Clinical Professional Counselor

Liz Zeller
TLP Director & Coach




Billings, Montana
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