Today’s leaders

need a complete skill set to help their organizations perform at high levels.

Those critical skills break down into two categories:

Task Tools

  • Aligning strategy to mission, vision and values
  • Organizational structures
  • Resourcing
  • Setting up systems/processes

People Tools

  • Motivating
  • Messaging
  • Gaining buy-in
  • Building teams
  • Creating a healthy culture

What Is The Leadership Program?


Benefits of Integrated

Leadership Growth

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Intensive Full-Day

Training Agenda

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Several aspects of TLP provide its unique value proposition in the marketplace

Monthly Meeting

Attend monthly full-day meetings led by a skilled TLP Director, trained and credentialed by Dr.Townsend and the TLP Senior Directors.

Multi-Year Curriculum

Leaders commit for one year at a time. Members typically participate more than one year as they discover the power of meeting with a team of leaders to download critical issues, gaining valuable perspective, experience and objective feedback.

Marriage Retreat

A leader's development is accelerated when the spouse is involved and engaged in the process. TLP creates an atmosphere of not only healthy business alignment, but life and family alignment as well. Our annual Marriage Retreat and special dinners provide a way for the spouse to be welcomed, integrated into the process, and encouraged.

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Dr. John Townsend


Dr. John Townsend is a business consultant, leadership coach and psychologist. He has authored or co-authored 27 books, selling 6 million copies, including the 3 million best-selling Boundaries series. He co-hosts the nationally syndicated radio talk show New Life Live, heard by 3 million listeners in 180 markets. Dr. Townsend founded the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling, which offers graduate degrees and credentialing in organizational leadership, executive coaching and counseling

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