Words can change the world.



Closure Can Be Overrated

Have you ever had a task you felt you just had to finish or it would drive you crazy, and you ended up being late to a meeting as a result?  It could be finishing a report,  making a brief phone call that’s been on your to-do list for awhile, or cleaning up...

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We all want to live lives of passion, and no one desires a life without passion of some sort. Passion makes us feel alive. And beyond feeling good, passion can also help life work better. Let’s look at how it works, and how you can develop and use yours. I define...

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Making Your Resume Outshine Your Competitors

LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals, recently compiled a list of the ten most overused terms and phases within the profiles used by its members. In reviewing these top ten “buzzwords” I could not help but think about the tens of thousands of resumes...

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