Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Our team of hand picked and Townsend-vetted coaches use the Competence + Character Model to deliver results-driven individual coaching and organizational consultation services.

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Don’t Hold Yourself Back

You’re a leader invested in your growth and development, not to mention your performance and ability to lead your organization. You don’t have to do it all alone. 

Our Coaches are personally trained by Dr. Townsend in the Competence + Character Model and excel at providing both individual and organizational coaching and consulting services.


    Individual Coaching Benefits

    • Enhanced work performance
    • Skill clarity and growth
    • Increased ability to operate one’s core and organizational values
    • Awareness of leadership impact
    • Increase ability to adapt to changes and shifts


    It is often imperative for organizations to find a well-matched business consultant to experience the dramatic growth they seek.

    Benefits Include:

    • Company alignment to its mission and values
    • Successful adaptation to market and economic shifts
    • Development of high performance teams
    • Analyze strength of leaders to determine best fit
    • Resolve conflict within teams
    • Increase effective communication
      Create a healthy culture

    How does TLG Coaching work?

    Our research based leadership-coaching model has proven itself to be highly effective at increasing performance. This distinctive and powerful Competence + Character model analyzes the leader’s strengths, challenges, and levels of performance in the context of their unique organization.

    This analysis, coupled with the relationship with the coach, provides a leader a powerful basis to achieve his or her goals, and find meaningful avenues for opportunities and solutions.

    How Does TLG Organizational Consulting Work?

    With the consultative structure, we work with the principal company members who are involved. In forming the plan with them, we strategically utilize the resources of the group, coordinate individual and team roles, and responsibilities, and then help its execution to a successful end.

    Our team is project-oriented and relationally based, and will work to address needs, find new opportunities, improve processes, and create a healthy culture for organizations.

    How do I get started?

    Finding Your Coach

    Whether you’re interested in finally getting an individual leadership coach to help you on your growth journey, or would like to engage a consultant to help your organization realize its goals, the first step is to browse our directory for a coach and reach out to them directly. 

    John and his team bring practical and effective solutions to business and leadership challenges of all types.

    Greg Brenneman

    Former CEO, Continental Airlines, Burger King, and Quiznos

    John’s intellect and warmth will keep you engaged; but more importantly, he and his team will leave you equipped.
    Gary Daichendt

    Former COO, Cisco Systems

    You will be challenged to become a more complete person and organization with John and his team, who see and then help you and your company reach their potential.
    Greg Campbell

    Former Owner, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

    Concierge Coaching with Dr. Townsend

    Dr. John Townsend does offer 1-on-1 concierge coaching when requested. To check Dr. Townsend’s availability for concierge coaching, please fill out the form on our Engage page. 


    Connect with us today to explore hiring a Townsend Leadership Group Coach. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or help you get matched with the perfect coach for you or your organization.