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A comprehensive leadership development program built to help leaders who are deeply invested in their personal and professional growth realize excellence. Now offering VIRTUAL groups!

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    This Can Still Be Your Breakthrough Year.

    The skills we teach in the Townsend Leadership Program  impact your leadership, your organization, your vision, your relationships, and your life.     These aren’t areas we believe should be left up to chance.

    Understanding the challenges and concerns of our members, we are now offering TLP in a virtual format. Don’t let this year hold you back. Join TLP-V today to start your life-changing year to personal and professional growth.

      Now offering VIRTUAL groups!


      noun | The action of leading a group of people or an organization

      Join TLP-V today to start your life-changing year to personal and professional growth in a brand new virtual format.

       Program Structure and Benefits

      The year long virtual program is structured to ensure member success, with:

      • Direct access to expert facilitators
      • Monthly, half-day education sessions via Zoom
      • Focused, virtual small group learning
      • Stretch goal identification and support
      • Our Competence + Character Leadership Model

      The Townsend Leadership Program Will Empower You To:

      • Engage your team to embrace your values
      • Enhance your organization’s performance
      • Build and develop a unified, motivated team
      • Set and achieve three big-picture stretch goals
      • Execute well-crafted strategies quickly and decisively 
      • Revolutionize your leadership power and presence

      The Townsend Leadership Program trains you in both “task skills” and “people skills” to optimize your leadership performance. 


      Assessment Tool

      The TPRAT survey addresses your personal and relational abilities, which connect strongly to your personal and professional lives. Get specific skills to help you take your abilities to the next level.

      Relational Nutrients

      Dr. Townsend's book, People Fuel, discusses the importance of receiving Relational Nutrients from others, and, in turn, giving these nutrients to others. View all 22 Relational Nutrients and how you can use them in your conversations in this free download.

      John and his team uses his uniquely warm and comfortable style to deliver very ‘user friendly’ practical guides for developing improved leadership skills.
      Bill Yingling

      Former CEO, Thrifty Corp

      John and his team bring practical and effective solutions to business and leadership challenges of all types.

      Greg Brenneman

      Former CEO, Continental Airlines, Burger King, and Quiznos

      John’s intellect and warmth will keep you engaged, but more importantly, he and his team will leave you equipped
      Gary Daichendts

      Former COO, Cisco Systems

      How TLP-V Works

      Leadership Models for People and Businesses

      As a leader, it’s important to have a complete set of skills to accelerate your personal, professional, and organizational performance. Our Townsend Leadership Program features teams around the country that meet on a monthly basis to support each other in growth and success, both professionally and personally.  

      first steps: Joining a tlp group

      The first steps to joining the Townsend Leadership Program including finding a Director in your area and initiating contact to request an interview. TLP is a year long and different Directors begin their program year in different seasons. Once you’ve interviewed with a Director in your area and are invited into their program, you’ll be given detailed information on meeting days, times, locations, and other program specifics from your Director. Visit the Directors page to browse our TLP Partners and find one in your area. 

      Program Pillars

      TLP Directors

      All TLP Directors are hand picked and vetted by John Townsend. Directors embody the Competence and Character Leadership Model and are highly qualified to lead the intensive Townsend Leadership teams. They are passionate about developing leaders who will influence their teams, organizations and community, for years to come.

      Team Members

      Throughout the year, TLP Directors gather groups of individuals who are invested in their professional and personal growth. TLP Directors assemble teams from diverse industries and sectors consisting of CEOs, C Suite leaders, small business owners, managers and professionals, in a wide range of fields.

      Stretch Goals

      Stretch goals are the heart of the Townsend Leadership Program. Your Director and Team Members will help you set and conquer three, big-picture goals that are the most important to you, and impact your leadership, your organization, your vision for the future, and help you in the current opportunities and challenges you face.

      TLP Training Day Agenda

      Every month members meet for a training day in small groups with their TLP Director/faciliator. Each training day the following agenda is used to ensure progress every month:

      Work Group

      Benefit from your team’s collective knowledge during high-value, confidential SWOT analysis segments.

      Check In

      Chart stretch goals and individualized homework assignment progress at a roundtable for accountability and support.


      Participate in practical interactive leadership lessons based on Dr. Townsend’s unique model. Representative topics:

      • Creating a High-Performance Team Culture

      • Dealing with Negative Realities Effectively

      • The ROI of Forgiveness

      • Skills for Accelerating Performance During Difficult Times

      Process Group

      Gain understanding, feedback, and solutions from team members who understand your situation. Collaborate to help resolve any hindrances to your leadership success.


      Create a monthly assignment based on the day’s training lecture session to build your skills through personalized actionable items that pertain to your stretch goals and new skills learned in the program.

      Individual Coaching Session

      Further your growth trends during tailored one-to-one time with your TLP Director.

      Virtual Group Information (TLP-V)

      Townsend Leadership Program is now also being offered in a virtual format to accommodate our members’ needs.

      The learning material and content from the Townsend Leadership Program has been formatted specifically for virtual members, maintaining the same depth of benefits as the original TLP program.

      Virtual TLP members can enjoy the following benefits:

      • Virtual groups meet without the potential exposure risk that can occur during traveling and in-person meetings (however, all TLP Groups choosing to meet in person exercise strict social distancing and safety protocols).
      • Without the need to travel to an in-person meeting, monthly learning days are conducted in a half-day format rather than a full day, resulting in less time away from the office.

      Learning Strategies to Expect

      With our  Competence + Character Leadership model, you’ll learn how to focus on strategy and goals while cultivating emotional intelligence to help grow a successful business. The Leader’s Path to Growth is a framework that highlights how the fruit of your success in your personal and professional life stems from roots of grace, truth, and time. With these models, you gain benefits of integrated leadership growth while experiencing personal support from your TLP team.

      Director Development

      We  are ecstatic when a TLP graduate decides to pursue becoming a Director for the Townsend Leadership Program. If you’re interested in training to become a TLP Director, please email us to get more information.  

      This Can Be Your Breakthrough Year

      Take The Next Step: If you’re intruiged by the Townsend Leadership Program, we’re here to help you with your next step. You can reach out to us to request more information about the program, send in an application form so we can connect you with a Program Leader in your area, or go ahead and Find Your Team by reaching out to a Program Leader via our Directory.

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      Connect with us today to learn more about joining the Townsend Leadership Program or training to become a TLP Director. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the right group.




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