Dr. Steve Hotchkiss

TLP Director
About Dr. Steve Hotchkiss

Dr. Steve Hotchkiss is the President and Owner of Veterinary Health Care Concepts and a licensed team director for the Townsend Leadership Program.

Steve has metabolized the concepts and skills of the Townsend Leadership Program through his multiple years of training under Dr. John Townsend. His passion for this transformative program has inspired him to mentor and lead others in his sphere of influence, teaching them these skills. His experience through TLP, combined with his God-given talents, enables him to excel in training others in communication and leadership.

Steve’s veterinary practice is a unique full-service business that provides pets and their owners exceptional medical care and luxury resort services. He has been in private practice in Fort Worth, Texas, since 1992 and has grown the business’ revenue organically to 23x original earnings. He manages a well-trained, caring and professional team of 10 doctors and 60 veterinary technicians and support personnel.

Dr. Hotchkiss received his B.S. and Doctorate degrees from Texas A&M University. Steve and his wife Lisa have three children in college and enjoy city life in addition to spending time at their family ranch in Stephenville, TX.

Dr. Steve Hotchkiss
TLP Director




Ft Worth, Texas
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