Jim Urban

TLP Director & Coach
About Jim Urban

Jim is a passionate and highly-skilled communicator and leader. Jim has over 15 years of sales, marketing, and leadership experience in higher education, non-profit, and private-practice counseling settings. As an Executive coach and consultant, Jim partners with leaders to achieve tremendous results in their organizations by growing and enhancing their leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. Jim’s passion is to help leaders enhance their competencies and overcome hurdles so they can realize a higher level of success and effectiveness.

Jim is also a licensed therapist, group private-practice owner, and specialist in working with couples and business leaders. He has a high level of training in individual and organizational psychology, relationships, and conflict-resolution. Utilizing this expertise, Jim enjoys equipping leaders with the enhanced knowledge and skills needed to address interpersonal, organizational culture, and conflict-management challenges.


Start Date & Locations:

  • Jacksonville – March 2022
Jim Urban
TLP Director & Coach




Jacksonville, Florida
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