Leah Nelson

TLP Director, Coach & Consultant
About Leah Nelson

Leah Nelson is an experienced leader with over 22 years of leadership experience in the military and business sectors. She loves helping people grow and design their lives with excellence, progress and results. She specializes in helping both men and women execute plans and get results at a higher level.

Leah completed her undergraduate studies at the United States Naval Academy. She served for 13 years in the military, where she was a Helicopter Pilot and a Leadership Facilitator. Following military service, she has spent the last 19 years as a small business owner working in sales and marketing, recruiting, coaching, leadership training and small business development. She received her Masters of Organizational Leadership thru the Townsend Institute at Huntington University.

Leah is passionate about the Townsend Leadership Program. As a TLP Director trained by Dr. John Townsend, she is excited to help others experience results and growth in their lives at a higher level than ever before. As a past member of TLP herself, she has personally experienced both personal and professional growth.

Helping others achieve their goals and design their lives with more balance is one of Leah’s greatest joys. Leah carries a unique leadership perspective combining relationships with the need for results in both the personal and professional realms. She can help you eliminate the obstacles in order to get to a higher level in your personal and professional life through the Townsend Leadership Program.

Leah Nelson
TLP Director, Coach & Consultant




Orange County, California
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