Lisa Gomez-Osborn




Fort Wayne, Indiana

Lisa Gomez-Osborn is the President of Paragraphs Coaching & Consulting and a Director of the Townsend Leadership Program. Vetted and trained by John Townsend, Elaine Morris, and a long list of satisfied clients, she is a seasoned professional Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant who uses her perception, drive, and focus to inspire and challenge others towards personal and professional growth.

She is known for her expertise in what Seth Godin refers to as “Real Skills.” Real Skills are interpersonal and leadership driven in nature, and allow individuals to amplify their strengths and accelerate their trajectory toward excellence, while continuing to experience powerful and lasting change. Lisa is recognized by clients for her ability to skillfully navigate the non-profit and for-profit consulting worlds, for her strategic business planning and development, and to enhance cultural engagement and maximize workplace peak performance.

Lisa is also a Between the Summits Program Developer and Trainer for the Global Leadership Summit and Beyond. Lisa has established her brand around her personal and holistic model of building authentic relationships where full engagement, transparent, and direct communication produces extraordinary development for leaders on all levels.

In her free time Lisa enjoys being with her two grown sons, daughter-in-law and close friends. “We are often cooking, eating and laughing together while sitting outside enjoying the great outdoors.”

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