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Matthew Hooper is about building connections that promote growth. His personal and professional pursuit of holistic growth are at the center of his life and work with others. He holds degrees in Communication Studies from Biola University (1994) and Christian Ministry and Leadership from Talbot School of Theology (2001). Spiritual Development and Pastoral Counseling were the specialized emphases of his graduate work. Matthew also received a certificate in spiritual direction from the Archdiocesan Spirituality Center in Los Angeles. He has pursued specific training over the past decade to specifically enhance his skill as an emotionally-focused process group facilitator. His educational and training pursuits have uniquely equipped him to guide others into developmental conversations that promote personal and professional effectiveness.

Over the past 30 years, Matthew has cultivated his vocation toward influencing the holistic development of emerging adults, leaders and professionals. In 2017, Matthew launched a professional coaching and consulting business (TRACK 3 Leadership Development) integrating insight from leadership, psychological, social and theological perspectives for the purpose of holistic growth in individuals and collaborative groups. His thriving work as a coach, consultant and group facilitator in both in-person and virtual settings has recently expanded toward the creation of the TRACK 3 Coaching Team, focused on empowering and training aspiring growth coaches.

He continues to excel as a primary group facilitator for Growth Skills Foundation. His skills of empathy, holistic insight and gentle directiveness have enabled him to guide the healing and growth of hundreds of Growth Skills Workshops participants over the past 9 years.
In this next season of his vocation, Matthew is excited to launch two hybrid TLP groups with a specialized integration of personal growth, leadership development and spiritual formation.

He finds unique inspiration for his work in creation, music, spiritual friendship and the daily pursuit of humility as the highest virtue for human growth and spiritual flourishing. Matthew, his wife, Sheela, and their three children, Annie, Breeana and Jarren, live, work and play in Sutter Creek, CA.


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Matthew Hooper
TLP Director



Oahu, HI
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