Sam Steingraber

TLP Director
About Sam Steingraber

Sam is a passionate husband, father of 5, business owner and leadership coach. He owns and operates a marketing video company that services businesses and non-profits. Sam is passionate about helping individuals heal from their past, and reach their potential. He is devoted to the pursuit of all that God created for us, including healthy relationships and a joyful life.

Sam attended the Ultimate Leadership Workshop and has participated in the Townsend Leadership Program for 5 years. He currently Co-Directs a Townsend Leadership (TLP) Program with Lacey Staszcuk in Billings, MT.

“Sam and I have experienced TLP together for 3 years. During that time I have witnessed and seen tremendous growth in Sam as a person and a leader. He has a very unique quality of being present in the process time of a person, deeply tuning into their life situations, hearing them and then sharing such a powerful insight into the problem, emotion of that person. I am always in awe of how he perceives things and can be so empathetic with people. He gives you that sense of definitely being seen and heard! “
– Carol Kuhns

“Sam brings a level of intuition I have witnessed in few of the members I have interacted with over the past decade. His soft but direct style with members communicates his utmost concern for team members growth. He, too, has done his own work, grieving Family of Origin issues and helping others do the same. He is an initiator with team members regarding contact calls between sessions and has made himself available to all previous team members, as well. I love his passion for growth and his understanding of the Townsend model to create transformational growth.”
-Jeff Carroll

Sam Steingraber
TLP Director



Billings MT
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