Tina Ratliff

TLP Director & Coach
About Tina Ratliff

Hi! I’m Tina. I am a Relational & Leadership Development Coach. I have worked with families, business leaders, and entrepreneurs for over a decade. I believe the best place to discover what you don’t know you don’t know is through group coaching. I also lead workshops in venues large and small.

Other programs give you more tools. I show you how to use the tools when you don’t want to. It is my passion to skillfully help others flourish in areas they never thought possible.

My coaching began decades ago around my kitchen table. I use my real-world experience in assisting individuals of all ages who want to deepen their self-awareness, build meaningful relationships, and learn to manage their lives with purpose and intention. I lead TLP cohorts that will provide a safe and supportive space for YOU to explore your potential, connect with others, and cultivate your strengths.

Join my Townsend Leadership Program cohort today and magnify YOUR growth!

I live in Santa Cruz with James, my sweet husband of 41 years. We have 4 thriving adult children. I love to create through writing, baking and hospitality. My favorite thing is to jump in the ocean and swim when the waves are not mighty.


Tina Ratliff
TLP Director & Coach




Santa Cruz, California
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