Tina Ratliff

TLP Director & Coach
About Tina Ratliff
Tina is a Townsend Leadership Director and Life Coach. She spent several years studying to further build her skills as a life coach under clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Bergstrom, who works directly with John Townsend to oversee and develop TLP directors. Tina homeschooled her 4 children who are now adults. She is a photographer, manages social media for local businesses, and likes camping, surfing, climbing, baking and is currently exploring other forms of creativity. She lives with her husband of 38 years in their home by the ocean.

In working with Tina and this highly successful program created by John Townsend, you will gain the necessary tools to access deeper connections, live in your purpose, and improve your personal, professional, and relational life.

Are you parenting or even homeschooling your children, and need sustaining fuel and the place to get the support you need?

Maybe you are feeling scattered and unfocused. Tina’s coaching and growth group will help you define your purpose in order to have a framework for making decisions that can best meet your long-term goals.

Do you have obstacles that hold you back from meeting your goals and it is time to do the deeper work or implement effective skills and new tactics?

Would you like to increase your emotional intelligence to better understand yourself and connect with others in meaningful ways?

Does it seem that you are living life on repeat? The same troublesome relational dynamic happens over and over? Or in your career, you find yourself in the same undesirable situation again and again?

You might live in the Bay Area, making Tina’s Santa Cruz location convenient. Or you might live far away and need a dose of some of our California sunshine. Santa Cruz is close to San Francisco, Oakland, and Monterey for exploring while you are in the area.

Letʼs take a year and spend it together with a team of folks who are all about intentional growth! Letʼs become our best selves, empowered to do what we do best, and make a difference in our corners of the world!

You are amazing, and you matter! Letʼs do this!

Tina Ratliff
TLP Director & Coach




Santa Cruz, California
Sacramento, California
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