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Dr. John Townsend's Full Bio
Dr. John Townsend is a business consultant, leadership coach and psychologist. He has written over 30 books, selling 10 million copies, including the New York Times best-selling Boundaries series, Leading from Your Gut , Handling Difficult People and People Fuel.

John hosts his own online live video call-in program, “Dr. Townsend Live”, where he provides answers to caller’s challenges. His podcast, “Dr. Townsend Podcast” gives practical solutions to complex issues. He is also a co-host of the “New Life Live” program. And for more than twenty years, Dr. Townsend has engaged with leaders, organizations and individuals around the globe, offering them life-changing solutions to their problems.

Dr. Townsend is the founder of the TOWNSEND INSTITUTE FOR LEADERSHIP AND COUNSELING, which offers fully accredited online Masters degrees and certificates in three areas: Organizational Leadership, Executive Coaching and Consulting, and Counseling. The Institute also offers Bachelor’s Degrees, and in early 2021, will offer a Ph.D. Program in Counselor Education and Supervision.

John and his team work with leaders and organizations by providing a wide array of services. He conducts the TOWNSEND LEADERSHIP PROGRAM and has developed high-performing leaders across the nation to lead teams with his highly effective growth model. These leaders, personally trained by John, equip other leaders to grow holistically and to experience personal and professional success.

The TOWNSEND LEADERSHIP GROUP offers executive coaching, corporate consulting, strategic planning, team facilitation, and conference presentations to help clients achieve their goals and excel in the marketplace.

John also keeps a  private “concierge” coaching portfolio of select clients, with whom he directly engages, for their own personal and professional lives.

John co-founded and directed a healthcare company for ten years, with operations in 35 cities in the western U.S.  It was here that he learned the strategies for change and success, which he now employs in his coaching and consulting.

John is active on the board of  MUSTARD SEED RANCH, an equine program for disadvantaged youth.

A resident of Newport Beach, California, Dr. Townsend and his wife Barbi have two sons, Ricky and Benny. One of his passions is playing in “The Bandits”, a band with his sons, at southern California venues!


For press inquiries, contact Dr. Townsend’s assistant, Christine.

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Suggested Questions

People Fuel:

  1. What’s the big idea of your new book?
  2.  Why did you decide to write it, and how does it apply to today’s leaders?
  3. Tell us about your concept of Relational Nutrients, and how leaders can use them to catalyze and energize their own teams and directs?
  4. You have made a simple model of 7 types of relationships, some of which are “gains” and some of which are “drains.”  How can the leader identify their own “gains” and drains” in order to optimize their effectiveness, professionally and personally?
  5. You have a unique term here, “Life Teams.”  What is a Life Team, and how can that benefit a leader?
  6. What practical application can we make in the next 24 hours of this material that can make our careers, life mission, relationships, marriages and families work better?


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Boundaries in current climate or situational context

New book release deep dive

Life Teams

Leadership and Team Development

7 Relationship Types / Relationships

Crisis management

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