Words can change the world.



Having Difficult but Effective Conversations

There is simply no way to get through life successfully and sanely, without having to sit down with someone to have “the talk.” Whether it’s your spouse, a family member, someone you’re dating, a friend or a work colleague, things just come up that rub us the wrong...

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We all want to be happy, nothing wrong with that. When we are happy, we experience cheerfulness, positivity and an upbeat mood. Happiness is one of the most pleasant emotions a person can have. We feel energy and  we feel hope. So how can we create this feeling more...

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Increasing Your Energy

The demands of reality require a certain amount of energy to pull them off.  From working to family to relationships to hobbies, you get life done better with more energy, and it’s awful when we feel drained. But basically, all of us need more energy. Some just need...

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Get out of the Comparison Mentality

When is the last time you noticed another person’s situation, and found yourself comparing yours to theirs?  It could be about their good fortune, like buying a new home or their kids getting into their chosen college. Then your thoughts can turn to how you’re a bit...

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