How Counselors Work with the Townsend Leadership Program (TLP)

Dr. John Townsend

May 11, 2017


If you are interested in increasing your practice and revenues by using your counseling skills, think about applying to become a Townsend Leadership Program (TLP) Director.   We have found that counselors who become Directors experience excellent results because of their training in attunement, healing and diagnostics. Leaders especially need a confidential place to grow in their personal and professional lives. Here’s a little information about the program:

The model is a group-based leadership training experience, in which a Director takes their team of leaders, from all sorts of industries, through a monthly intensive day, for a year at a time. We will train you in the agenda for those days, including:

  • Helping them set stretch goals for the year
  • Engaging with John’s monthly video content regarding leadership growth
  • Facilitating team process groups where they can be vulnerable and experience growth at a deep level
  • Having work sessions where they use the team to solve organizational challenges
  • Assigning meaningful homework to them to keep the growth going
  • Providing monthly individual coaching sessions for them between team days.

In addition, a huge growth opportunity awaits the professionally trained clinician and a credentialed TLP Director. As outlined below, the benefits include:

  • Personal training by John and Elaine Morris, John’s business partner
  • Monthly videoconference calls with John and other directors
  • John’s proprietary content and marketing materials provided
  • Being part of a national community of TLP Directors with vast knowledge and varied backgrounds and experiences
  • Opportunity for corporate coaching, training, and consulting with your TLP members

So connect with us and find out how your impact as a counselor can grow!

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