Increasing Your Energy

Dr. John Townsend

December 13, 2019

The demands of reality require a certain amount of energy to pull them off.  From working to family to relationships to hobbies, you get life done better with more energy, and it’s awful when we feel drained. But basically, all of us need more energy. Some just need to be topped off a little, while some  find ourselves just barely dragging through the day. The only demographic that actually has too much energy is 3 year olds☺, and that doesn’t last forever. So here are some practical ideas to increase the amount of energy you have to feel good and not exhausted by the end of the day.

Get a physical every year.  Many energy problems come from physical issues, such as hormone challenges and vitamin deficiencies. You can get all the sleep you need and still feel bad if your body has a condition.

Eat right, sleep right and work out. The research on these three lifestyle habits is more than overwhelming, it’s just simply facts. We feel better when we eat the right things and avoid the wrong things, sleep 7-8 hours a night, and work out several times a week. It’s hard to do it just by committing yourself. Instead, do these 2 things: (1) start recording these three on a tracking app, and (2) recruit a buddy, to keep each other on track and encouraged. These two simple moves can make a lifetime of difference.

Be in control of your “people time.”  As I write about in my book People Fuel,  who we spend time with can make a huge difference in our energy level.  There are the “gains”, who are the people who are genuinely interested in you, who want a mutual relationship, who can be vulnerable, who are positive and who have their own interests and ambitions. Then there are the “drains”, who tend to be self-absorbed and chronically negative, or what psychologists call help-rejecting complainers. Spend as much time as you can with the “gains.” While you should be kind to the “drains”, don’t let them hijack your own time and energy.

Set boundaries for your day. You can’t determine every minute of our day, especially at work or as a parent. But you can make some choices. Make your calendar balanced. Input several breaks during the day. Get home from work at a decent hour.

Energy is precious, and it makes a huge difference in success and quality of life.  Increase it and preserve it.



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