Your “One Thing” Recipe for Success in the New Year

Dr. John Townsend

December 28, 2019

Most of us have gotten to the point that we feel a bit skeptical about “New Year-New You” thinking. Whether it be about diet, health, career, family or relationships, we find that it pretty much tends to have a good start and then fizzle out.

This approach has a good intent, but the research says that the success rate over a year is pretty abysmal, and that can be discouraging. So can you make a lasting change during this next year?

Yes, you can, and let’s keep it simple. It’s one thing. I have found that if a person will take this one step, and stick with that step for the year, the chances of being really happy with the results are higher than with anything else. Stripped down to the bare minimum, it’s this:  

Spend at least an hour a week communicating with 3 people who want to grow and change in some area. That is, you invite 3 people you know, who are into learning to improving their lives, and just talk about that once a week. It can be together, or individually, though the group tends to be more powerful.  

Research states, over and over again, that the power of positive relationships can be transformative in our success in life. The right people  motivate us to be better people. They believe in us, they encourage us, and they dust us off when we fail.

More than that, when you communicate (face to face, video, phone, text) with others and express that you want to change in some area, this is where you will find more focus on your dream or desire. You’ll determine goals.  Plans and strategies will emerge. You’ll deal with challenges and obstacles.

This one thing isn’t the only thing. But the other things cascade from that.

I would love to hear in late 2020 that you are still having that one hour minimum communication with a few growing people. And if you stick to it, you are much more likely than ever before, to experience the “New You” in a permanent way.

So I wish for you, and all of us, a great and “connected” New Year!



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